I'm grace

I am an adventure photographer and filmmaker based in the thriving outdoor community of Llanberis in North Wales. I am a multidisciplinary creative and pride myself on my ability to shoot in a multitude of sporting disciplines and environments from diving on shipwrecks and interacting with some of the oceans largest sharks to rigging and hanging off sheer rock faces and ascending snowy peaks. My goal is to communicate the incredible feats of human skill, strength and persistence in our worlds wildest elements and locations. I'm ready when you are!

my philosophy


Without being able to move independently through our planets elements; how can I convincingly tell these stories of human triumph and exploration in the great outdoors? I pride myself on my ability to thrive in all of the environments I chose to shoot in and I am constantly expanding my skillset to enable me to better tell stories in the worlds more extreme locations. I am a certified Scuba Instructor, proficient climber, rigger & alpinist, competent mountain biker and sooner to be paraglider. I ensure my skillset is authentically up to the demand of the project.

Environmental Stewardship

My place on this planet as an outdoor adventure photographer exists on the condition that our natural environment is maintained and cherished. Without a thriving natural playground, the stories that take place within these elements have little meaning. This means ensuring I play my part and act as a role model in protecting our natural world so that these incredible stories can be told for years to come. The question "how can I make the most impact visually, whilst making the least impact environmentally" is ever present.

Meaningful Relationships

The integrity of a project is really important to me. I only take on projects with a story I can get behind and only work with people who's vision I believe in. This results in a more impactful outcome and a more connected and deeper working relationship. The nature of working in the adventure realm and at the mercy of mother nature means a level of mutual respect and understanding is needed between myself and my subject. My goal is always to nurture close connections with those who's story I'm fortunate enough to tell.