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Grace Taylorson Smith Pritchard (Grace T.S.P) is an outdoor, action, adventure and sport photographer based in the North West of England. Grace's approach to photography is akin to the Gonzo style of journalism created by Hunter S Thompson. She likes to place herself in the narrative of the story that she is shooting.

"I've never been one for standing on the sidelines...If I'm shooting something I want to be totally immersed in the event myself...that's why most of what I shoot is in a discipline I myself enjoy. If I am shooting climbing photography for example - wherever possible, I want to climb up that wall to reach my shooting position instead of rappelling down or jumaring up to it".

"I've recently been expanding into Mountain Biking photography, so of course I've just got myself set up with a new bike. Likewise, I plan on becoming a certified Paragliding Pilot! It's not the most financially efficient way of doing photography but I want to be able to really get into the heads of those that I’m shooting - no matter the sport. I believe tackling those disciplines personally is the best way of being able to visually convey the story at hand!"

Grace is also a CAA Commercially Certified Drone Pilot and PADI Scuba Instructor and Underwater Photographer making her approach to photography unique in that she can tackle projects 3-dimensionally. From high in the sky, across the land to deep under the waves. 

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